5 Benefits of SMS Messaging for Customer Communication

Nearly 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes, so you can see how SMS can be a direct and powerful marketing channel for your business. Here are 5 reasons why SMS is one of the best methods for business to customer communications.

#1: Direct Is Best 

SMS can connect you directly with your customers – within minutes you can reach a great number of leads or existing customers. Can you think of another marketing channel that is direct, customisable, and instantaneous?    

#2: Almost Everyone Has a Smartphone 

9 out of 10 Australians own a smartphone. As a tradie wife, you spend hours on your phone responding to customers, suppliers, and contractors right? SMS marketing has the power to reach a very wide demographic range.  

SMS can be a great way to communicate with your new and existing customers, from following up enquiries to sending reminders for servicing purposes.

#3: All About Efficiency 

We get it, you’re a busy owner of a tradie business, you don’t have time to develop and compose messages one by one. 

You can easily schedule SMS messages to go out to different groups of customers, so you can go back to working on the important things, like you know, running your business. 

#4: Get Creative

SMS messages from a business can be found to be friendly and helpful if done the right way.

For example, a tradie can take advantage of a bad weather forecast and flip it to promote its services. SMS messaging can help in creating top-of-mind awareness…

Ben was unlikely to have been thinking of his gutters, but now you have brought it to his attention, and next thing you know, he’s booking a cleaning service!

#5: Set and Forget with Automated SMS

SMS automation is the technique of sending SMS messages to one or more recipients on a particular day and time, which is scheduled ahead of time. 

Similarly, a ‘drip method’ can be used so messages are automatically sent following a certain action, for example, a lead filling out your website form.   

One of LANA’s many features is a convenient SMS automated marketing tool that can be used to communicate with customers. This way, you can draft and schedule messages to be sent to customers at any stage of the pipeline – you can set and forget!

LANA: Your SMS Marketing Experts  

Get in touch with the LANA team today and we’d love to help you get cracking with your SMS marketing. See our website or book a live demo for a sneak peek into the LANA platform. 

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