Beginner’s Guide to Lead Capture and Nurture

“It’s about caring enough to create value for customers. If you get that part right, selling is easy.” Anthony Iannarino

What is lead capture?

Lead capture is about getting as much information about the customer as possible so you can start leading them towards a certain action or conversion. There are different ways to capture a lead’s information, such as:

  • Signing up for newsletters
  • Talking to a web or live chat
  • Filling out a contact form
  • Booking a demo
  • Starting a trial

How do I capture my lead’s information?

One common way to capture information is by offering someone to sign up to a newsletter or mailing list for exclusive content and offers. This is often used for e-commerce sites where a deal is offered as an incentive to sign up.

A web chat is another efficient way to capture a user’s information because a person is seeking an answer or solution, and in order to do this, they need to be contactable. 

By receiving their name, phone number, and email, this information becomes extremely valuable to building your client database (CRM). And even though 97% of visitors are not prepared to buy straight away, there are many ways to guide them towards converting with multiple touchpoints. 

How about lead nurture?

“Think of lead nurturing as a guide dropping educational breadcrumbs so prospects can follow along. As they pick up each crumb, the prospects learn more about how you solve their problems…” – Impact

Only 3% to 8% of your website visitors are ready to buy right immediately. So, once you have successfully captured your lead’s information, you have the opportunity to steer them towards choosing your brand once they are ready.  

Lead nurture is about guiding an already interested lead through the marketing funnel, from awareness to consideration. The nurturing process involves building relationships with leads by educating and engaging with them. 

You’re wondering, how do you keep a customer engaged? Here are potential nurture tactics:


59% of consumers say marketing emails influence their purchase decisions. For email to be an effective lead nurture channel, your message needs to be personalised, educational and have a call to action. Content may include follow-ups, news, blogs, or informational pieces, and this is where automated emails can be a real time saver. 

Resources: Guides, brochures and blogs

By offering PDF guides, brochures, or blogs, you can educate the lead about what your business stands for, its offerings, and much more. These resources provide value in the eyes of a lead because you are presenting them with relevant information to help them make a decision. 

It also keeps your brand at top of mind awareness after they have left your website. You are making their life easier by offering them tailored content and building awareness about your products and services.

Reviews and testimonials 

Hearing what others have to say about your company and/or offer is a great way to build trust and confidence. 93% of us read reviews before making a purchase, so think about sending your wonderful reviews to a prospective client to nurture them along the funnel. 

Social media

Engage your leads on social media with polls as well as entertaining and informative content. This can also be useful for reaching leads who aren’t aware of your products and services or don’t react well to emails.      

Multiple touchpoints with LANA

Capturing a potential customer’s information is the first step to educating them and building trust. Whereas the purpose of lead nurture is to reconnect (reactivate) or follow up (recall) these leads, furthering them along the funnel. The ultimate goal of lead capture and nurture is to convert a lead into a paying customer.

LANA is your lead capture and nurture automation machine that helps guide your leads down the marketing funnel. But it doesn’t stop there, with LANA you can even set up reactivation or recall triggers that target your cold customers. 

Talk to the LANA team today and we can help you get started with your lead capture and nurture! Call us on +61 2 5503 5262 or book a demo now.

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