Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don’t have a website that was built with WordPress. Can I still add a LANA form and chat widget?

A: Yes! LANA can work with any website based on many popular Content Management Systems (CMS) including WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, and Joomla to name a few.  

Q: Can LANA be integrated with my business Facebook for receiving and sending messages?

A: Yes, LANA can be fully integrated to receive and send messages via Facebook.

Q: How much does SMS cost with LANA?

A: Once you sign up for LANA, you will be provided a dedicated, live Australian mobile number for your business.  

For the Silver Subscription:

The silver subscription includes 50 free SMS each month, then after this has been used, our SMS rate is 8 cents per SMS segment (160 characters). 

For the Gold Subscription:

The gold subscription includes 500 free SMS each month, and the same rate of 8 cents per SMS segment (160 characters) applies after the first free 500 are used.

All in all, you only pay for what you use.

Q: Is there a way that I can only request my customers leave 4 or 5 star reviews?

A: This is possible with LANA (look up Review Gating for more info). Only problem is, Google and ourselves don’t suggest clients to implement this strategy as there can be serious consequences. 

We understand that below average reviews can affect a business’ reputation, but genuine reviews build trust and should be a reflection of your customers’ experience. 

Q: Can you send a feedback survey and/or review request form from LANA’s app (iOS and Android) to a customer?

A: Yes you can, with unlimited user accounts.

Q: Can LANA be integrated with other job/practice management software?

A: Absolutely! LANA can be integrated with popular job/practice management software including the following:

  • ServiceM8
  • simPRO
Q: Can incoming calls be forwarded to our main business number? 

A: The answer is yes. All incoming calls can be forwarded to your main number, including 1300 numbers.

Q: Can multiple Google My Business accounts be linked to LANA?

A: Unfortunately no, and you probably don’t want to be across multiple GMB accounts as it may cause issues. For the purpose of running an account, you need one channel to send & receive messages, as well as request reviews from customers.

Q: Do my SMS credits expire?

A: No, your SMS credits don’t have an “expiry”. The SMS credits within your subscription are available until they are used, so there’s no strict time limit.