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What documents do I need have ready to submit my application for the grant?

After confirming your eligibility for the Grant you, will also have to have some documents ready to submit with your application.

These documents include:

  1. A Statutory declaration confirming your turnover for 2020-21 tax year signed by a JP or Lawyer
  2. A Copy of your ASIC Annual Statement or Company Extract which you can search and purchase Here
  3. A Quote or Invoice from the Supplier (which can be provided by us after filling out the form below)

LANA Product inclusions

LANA Gold on the annual package plus the following, set up for your business as custom inclusions in the package:
  1. Integration with your Job management software (for example simPRO or ServiceM8)
  2. Designed landing page for your website for Lead capture including an Opt-in PDF webform i.e. Tipsheet
  3. About us Page with info pack (lead nurture sequence content)
  4. Testimonials and gallery page (lead nurture sequence content)
  5. Custom Campaigns for promotions i.e. Marketing automation
  6. Training and support for your teams.
Total Cost $11,500 plus GST
Your contribution @ 30% is $3,450 plus GST