Reduce Your Marketing Spend With The Help of Automation

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“About a third of all sales tasks can be automated” —McKinsey

Does it sound too good to be true? It normally is, but let’s go through ways how businesses can reduce their marketing spend in 2021 with the help of automation. 

Automation holds the potential to reduce the cost of marketing by freeing up time spent on admin and reporting by automating communication to customers in the sales pipeline. Here are some examples of activities that can be automated with the right technology:

  • Regular follow-ups for purchases, quotes or appointments 
  • Payment and invoicing
  • Management of incoming requests, for example, autoresponders through a web chat
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Review and testimonial requests   

How can automation decrease my marketing costs?

The world of automation is forever changing and may seem foreign to some of you, especially small business owners. Are you thinking, just how can automation reduce my marketing costs? 

With marketing automation, you can launch a targeted campaign strategy that will increase leads that also saves you both time and budget. By automating a range of daily tasks, you can reduce the labour involved with marketing, while creating a more effective campaign that boosts conversions. For example, mass SMS and email campaigns. 

Though not everything can be automated in marketing (or in general), the future will be characterised by humans and technology working together to offer optimal service to customers. 

Reduce Outsourcing Tasks & Content

With marketing automation’s templates and editors, you can design and create marketing collateral with ease, freeing up some of your budget typically spent on a freelance designer.

Marketing automation can also handle some of the heavy lifting associated with the actioning of campaigns and other communications. Build your campaigns in automation software and use email or SMS to distribute content to targeted lists.

Be strategic with your marketing

Another way to reduce your marketing spend is by approaching campaigns strategically, but what does this really mean? Strategic marketing involves:

  • Determining the weak links in the campaign and remove them. 
  • Identifying the best performing campaigns and focus your energy and resources on leveraging those ads. 
  • Arranging customers into segmented groups. Then creating tailored ads for each segment, instead of having a one-size-fits-all strategy.

LANA helps reduce your marketing spend

It’s not just money that businesses invest into marketing but also time and energy.

Get in touch with the LANA team today and we’ll change the way you see client reactivation campaigns with our software. See our website or book a live demo for a sneak peek into the LANA platform!

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