Save Money On Advertising

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Understand Your Customer’s Journey

Not all customers are ready to buy now. By having a strategic approach in working out which are the best channels to capture your market’s attention, you can begin to save money on advertising!   

Too often businesses start selling before building trust and educating the audience that they have a solution to their problem. For instance, you would not go to the dentist for treatment before having a consultation first, right?

The same thing goes for advertising –

71% of customers shop with a specific scenario, not a product, in mind (Compare Metrics)

– which gives you the perfect opportunity to target these people with the right channels!

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Identify The Market & Find The Working Channels

Before implementing new marketing plans in your business, conduct an audit of what you are currently spending on advertising channels, and examine how those actions align with your business plan


Who is your market?


Find out your most effective channels at capturing their attention, is it:

  • Facebook Leads
  • Google My Business Messages
  • Form Submissions
  • Phone calls, Emails, or SMS marketing?


Look at how you manage these leads from the first response to that lead becoming a paying customer and advocate of the business.

Reduce Your Cost Per Lead with LANA


Let’s run through a demonstration of a hypothetical dental practice.

This dentist gets 100% of their leads through Google Ads which costs them $1000 a month, now we break this down…

Now, if they were to increase their conversions from LANA Lead Capture to 25 leads, they would reduce the cost per lead to $40 per lead.

If they were to also use LANA Lead Nurture to gain 5 additional conversions, they would reduce the cost per lead to only $33.33!

However, with the LANA Gold which includes, CAPTURE, NURTURE, REACTIVATION you will no longer focus on NEW leads but add lost, new, and existing leads into your active sequence within LANA so that customers become:

  • Paying Customers
  • Referring Affiliates of The Practice
  • Lifelong Patients

Once you hit over 500 patients in your database, you would be able to expect that your marketing budget for new leads will be greatly reduced as you can now spend less acquiring new patients and manage your existing network and gain referrals from them.


Leads are potential customers, can be an individual or a business.

Capturing a lead’s contact details is the essential first step to developing a relationship with that person, often triggered by a great call-to-action featuring a clickable image, button, or text.

Your page needs to be irresistible and have a compelling call to action such as “Sick of wasting money on advertising? We guarantee to reduce your marketing spend in 60 days guaranteed. Simply fill out the form below…” Sound compelling enough? That’s our message and it works.

This sequence offers a multitude of options to engage your audience, build trust and slowly push them down the funnel from the consideration phase through to purchase.

LANA has configured a perfect nurture sequence for business owners from the first contact through to the booking of an appointment and opportunity to sell directly.

You can reach our responsive, Australian-based LANA team by calling on +61 2 5503 5262 or by filling out this form.

Are You Ready To Save Money On Advertising?

LANA is an automated marketing platform that can capture and nurture leads meaning your leads are never missed, and they have a positive experience. Of course, acquiring new customers is a priority, but keeping the ones you have and giving them the incentive to grow your network allows you to save money on advertising. 

Reach out to our local team by filling out this form and get the conversation started today!  

Are You Ready To Save Money On Advertising

Take a look at what LANA’s nurture sequence can do.