Save Money On Subscriptions

Minimise Subscription Headaches-2 (1)

Minimise Subscription Headaches

LANA marketing automation and scheduling tools enable our clients to focus on their business.


Chat bot captures the lead or inquiry.


LANA Adds the lead to our Built-In CRM, Pipeline and Calendar.


Nurture the lead to build trust, educate and close the sale for you. 

Lost Leads Are a Thing of the Past

Keep clients engaged and in the loop via our SMS and e-mail marketing channels. Enable referrals, promotions and keep your brand top of mind without you having to lift a finger.


Replace All of Your Subscriptions With One



Simplify Your Business With ONE Solution


At LANA, we do not simply sell software. Our local Australian team will guide you through our onboarding process to assist you with how LANA works.

In fact, if you need a complete hand holding, we can build your campaigns for you.

A complete lead management solution that helps you manage your business marketing and leads all from one login.