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GST : $ 34.90

Our setup process is designed to allow your team to start using the software with everything ready to go, including:

  • Configuration of your LANA Account
  • Setting up your Australian Tracking number.
  • Setting up your new LANA web chat on your site (no need to pay a developer)
  • Configuring Automatic SMS notification
  • Setting up your 4 prebuilt workflows New Lead, Booked Appointment, Post Sale Messaging , Reactivation Campaign
  • Custom Email templates built for you or we can import existing ones
  • Three (3) one on one training sessions are included as part of the setup, our Australian onboarding team wants to make sure you utilise LANA in the best way for your business.
  • Integration with your Marketing, email account, calendars and payment gateways.
  • Our one time setup fee is priced at $1500 + GST.
Price Included with GST