What Is A CRM System And Why Is It Important?

What is CRM? 

Building a customer base for a business is not easy. And once you find them, there comes another hurdle – creating and maintaining loyal, strong relationships. 

CRM stands for customer relationship management, and it’s about the way you collect and store your customer data. Businesses need to have a CRM system to ensure that customer details are stored in a way that is readily accessible and coherent.  

Using a CRM system helps to centralise your customer data for your team to better manage communications so that no customer is left behind, thereby improving the customer experience.  

What’s The Purpose of a CRM System? 

If you cannot keep track of all your customers’ details, all you can do is guess when you need to build your ideal customer’s profile. Now, why would you need to know your ideal customer’s profile?

Your ideal customer(s) are known as customer avatars. They are representations of the ideal buyers – usually expressed as profiles with common attributes. It’s helpful to document customer avatars as: 

  • Content – Avatars can guide strategy and messaging, particularly with content (for example, direct, email or SMS marketing).
  • User experience – An avatar allows you to determine and analyse the customer experience so that every interaction can be designed to be as simple and convenient as possible.  
  • Paid advertising – With insight into an avatar, you can devise where, when and how to target these different customers. This is notably important with paid ads as you want to maximise your ROI. 

Here’s an example of LANA’s built-in CRM system:

Why is CRM so important?

Using a suitable CRM system can help to improve customer service and relationships. In the long run, customers are at the centre of your business and if can keep them satisfied, it will in due course lead to a revenue increase.

By bettering relations with your new and existing customers, you can see benefits such as: 


Higher sales through better timing, e.g. sending automated, segmented messages to target customers at different stages. 

Insight to buying behaviour 

Determine customer needs more effectively by understanding specific customer requirements. This allows you to see which customer groups are most profitable versus those that are not. 

Opportunity to cross-sell and upsell 

Cross-selling of other products by highlighting and suggesting alternatives or enhancements.

This can lead to better marketing of your products or services as you can concentrate on:

  • Segmenting marketing communications aimed at customers in different stages of the buying journey.
  • Taking a more tailored approach to the development of new or improved offerings in order to secure more business in the future.

How LANA can improve your CRM 

As a business owner, would it be helpful if you could send relevant messaging sequences to different customer groups? How handy would it be to have automatic welcome messages? 

Or what about if you could request customer reviews automatically post-sale?

With LANA, our lead capture and nurture system, this is all possible. Our automation platform is designed to streamline your business processes, enabling easy and customisable customer communications.

Get in touch with the LANA team today and we’ll transform the way you see CRM with our software. See our website or book a live demo for a sneak peek into the LANA platform!

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